Home Decor Ideas For Small Homes

A small house comes with the challenge of making it appear to look bigger with intelligent interior design. Your small house is your castle and thus, is only small in size but as big as your dreams. The idea is to cut down on excess furniture without cutting down on your desire of a spacious looking house. Use your native intelligence to design the decor in such a way that the smallness of the house does not really come out. In this article, we will share some home decor ideas for small homes.

Mirrors Create Size

One of the simplest ways of creating the illusion of size in a small room is placing a large round or oval shape window, preferably opposite the window.

The Magic Of White

Choose shades of white for colouring the walls of your living and cooking space, as light bounces off best from a white shade. This will make your rooms appear to look bigger and give the feeling of a large space. Grand deck apartments and gated living experience at rustomjee summit borivali east.

Choose Furniture With Legs

Make your living room feel more spacious by choosing to opt for furniture with legs, as being able to see the floor beneath the furniture will make your room look more spacious.

Everything Up To The Wall

Pushing every furniture piece to the wall leaves a lot of space in the centre of the room and makes a small house appear to look really spacious. You can use this space for a medium size carpet which will add to the spacious feeling.

Utilise Every Space

In a small home, space is at a premium and every inch of it should be utilised. For example, it’s a good idea to build narrow bunk beds in the bedroom and make maximum utilisation of the room’s vertical space.

Bespoke Storage Spaces

If you’re buying an under-construction small house, then you should talk to your builder about creating bespoke storage spaces such as alcoves, which will make your room look bigger.

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Foldable Furniture

To create more actual space in a small house, you should opt for foldable working and dining furniture, which can be folded up after use thus making your empty room space bigger in size. This is more effective if the foldable dining set-up is in the kitchen. Elegantly designed rustomjee summit borivali includes sky view amenities and premium facilities

Glass Tables Offer Transparency

Choose glass centre tables for your living room as they create an illusion of airiness and space by making the floor visible through them.

Extending Dining Tables

Having a split dining table is a good idea for creating more space in the living room. When there are more diners, you can simply lift the part that is sloping down and make the dining space bigger.

Wall Mounted Bedside Lights

Why cram up space beside your bed by installing a floor mounted bedside light? Instead, go in for a wall mounted light which will leave the floor space empty and make the room look bigger.

Hanging Plants

Add lush greenery to your house without taking up floor space by hanging the plants from the ceiling  instead of keeping flower pots on the floor.

Create A Mezzanine Room

If you house has a really high ceiling level, you can create a compact mezzanine sleeping in the living room itself and add an extra bedroom to your house.

Small Size Furniture

Instead of a three seater sofa and two large sofa chairs in the living room, go in for a compact two seater sofa along with small stools and maybe a small size rocking chair for ensuring that your guests are comfortably seated.