What Type of Wall Plate Suits Which Interior Design?

What Type of Wall Plate Suits Which Interior Design?

Designing a house is one of the most beautiful yet challenging activities. It’s time to upgrade your home into something more glamorous and aesthetic. Repainting the walls, cleaning the house, and changing the furniture. However, finding suitable fixtures and accessories for your interior design can be difficult.

When it comes to furniture, most homeowners become used that it being just sofas, tables, or chairs. There is a lot of furniture that someone can choose from; an example is the wall plates. It can be considered the least prominent fixture in the house, but with this tiny light switch cover, it can make the whole house aesthetic. This raises a question, what are the suitable wall plates for your home?

1. Filigree Antique Brass Cast

This brass wall plate is ideal for homes with a traditional design. The Filigree Antique belongs to the old-world category regarding wall plates. A traditional home design usually has clutter and accessories everywhere. However, if some area looks plain, it’s better to spice it up and change it for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

If you take a closer look at the wall plate, it has a floral design and a filigree pattern on the sides. The wall plate is great for a high-decorative house that wants to make a bold statement. Not only does the Filigree design suit a traditional house, but it will also match with bohemian interior.

2. English Brushed Brass Cast

Another brass cast wall plate type is the Englished Brushed. This design is excellent if you want an elegant classical interior. Although the design was popularized back in the 17th to 19th century, the classical design is still loved by many. Like the antique filigree design, it also has a pattern on the side, which is excellent for duplex switches or rockers.

The English brushed wall plates are the most suitable option for a more formal setup for your home. The wall plate can match a symmetrical layout in the house. It is also a great addition to a simple classical interior that can quickly bring a luxurious ambiance to your home.

3. Ceramic Wall Plates

Nowadays, houses have the least cluttered design, unlike traditional houses. Most of the time it is mainly colored black, gray, or white. It often has a minimalist design inside and a much more simplistic feel than most interior designs. Modern houses usually have edges and use a lot of glass to make them look elegant and luxurious.

The usual wall plate used in a contemporary house is white plastic. It seems plain, but many interior designers prefer them to contrast the house’s color. However, ceramic wall plates are also simple, improving the house’s appearance. So the ceramic wall plates will match the house’s color and minimalistic design.

4. Greek Key-Aged Bronze Cast

Bronze wall plates are one of the most reliable and durable light switch covers out of all materials. Most bronze wall plates design is perfect for a home with a Mediterranean-style interior. It has elegant and unique patterns, just like the old-style wall plates.  The Greek Key Aged design is similar to a traditional European house which is aging like fine wine.

Like the traditional houses, which last long now, the bronze wall plates will not fail you and will last until your house is standing. Suppose you want a wall plate that will match the monochromatic tone or dark color pallet. In that case, the bronze cast wall plates are for you.

5. Century Polished Chrome Steel

For homeowners who have a modern house but don’t like the minimalist interior, chrome steel is a perfect addition. Unlike ceramic wall plates, chrome designs have a more appealing appearance but won’t contradict a modern house’s style.

Chrome wall plates are made with a highly-polished shine or gently brushed luster. Either of the two will make sure to make your current house wealthy by adding a minor detail.

6. Oak Wood Wall Plate

This type of wall plate has the most flexible designs out of all the materials. It can have a floral design, a polished design, or an old-world design. Oak Wood Wall Plates are best for oriental homes or even contemporary houses. It can match anything due to its simplicity but elegant design.

Oriental Homes with Eastern Paintings can match the wall plates. Just put it beside the wall plates, which can easily stand out inside your home. It might not be visible to others, but adding a little detail to your home appearance will give you a relaxing ambiance.

Subtle but Elegant Wallplates!

Wall Plates are a unique set of fixtures for a house, even though they aren’t visible, unlike any other furniture. It is excellent for detailing the features of your house to make it look more elegant and luxurious. Once you have decided to have a home project, consider grabbing brushed wall plates instead of the normal ones to eliminate the plain white color.