What is a Property Management Company?

What is a Property Management Company?

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners to invest in property, with $1.2 billion worth of property being sold to foreigners in the first nine months of 2015. According to Thailand’s Department of Land, there are approximately 300,000 land plots for sale in Thailand. As with other countries, investing in property in Thailand can be risky if the investor is not informed about the market and doesn’t know how to avoid common mistakes.

A Property Management company typically manages residential and commercial property on behalf of landlords.

A property management company provides landlords with hands-on management of their properties, including finding and screening tenants, collecting rent and performing maintenance duties, as well as ensuring that the properties meet or exceed state and local codes.

-Property managers often take the form of a one-person business, but larger enterprises may employ a number of property managers who work from an office.

Property Management is the management of assets and real property, either for residential or commercial purposes. It is a crucial task enabling a real estate development project to be met with success.

The building administrator, known as the condo juristic person or condominium juristic entity, oversees and manages shared assets, the common area, the building systems and the environment at a project for the purpose of keeping the project in good condition, attractive and orderly – doing so ultimately adds value in the long run.

The entity responsible for property management also delivers services and facilitates convenience related to all dimensions of living. It looks after safety, prepares contingency plans and create activities that cater to the needs of diverse lifestyles. Said work contributes to a liveable and attractive community, and reinforces residents’ satisfaction, confidence and trust towards the project.

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Why need a Property Manager?

A property project exquisitely designed or impeccably located does not automatically translate into happy residents. Having a management team that fails to prioritise the benefit of residents could bring about continually depreciating assets within a project.

Property management companies have become an important factor for living at a residential project and for ensuring a project’s sustainability. Let us now find out the composition of a property management team and how each component helps to make your project or your home more liveable.

The distribution of personnel at a given property development will differ from that at other developments, subject to the building types, the area involved and the number of residential units or houses. 

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