What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Housing Rentals?

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Housing Rentals?

Have you ever been caught up in a situation whereby you needed to travel for work or pleasure and spent some quality time away from your usual residence, you had corporate rentals in mind? However, what precisely is corporate housing?

The sole purpose of penthouses in Atlanta is to provide their residents with all the essentials and amenities needed for the in-house guests or clients to live comfortably and tailored to suit their specific needs mostly in apartment complexes.

Corporate rental housing is a physical space that offers a full range of services to guests with everything one needs to stay in away from your permanent residence for a stipulated time.

Why are Corporate Housing Rentals the Most Suitable Solution?

A corporate housing rental is a full-service solution hence it is both a product and a service. The product is usually the apartment complex while the service includes the amenities or house package of what the apartment includes such as the around-the-clock service as well as the maintenance.

Some of the amenities which are offered in the corporate housing rentals include:

• A fully equipped kitchen.
• House fixtures.
• Private shower room.
• Kitchenware.
• Linen.
• Wi-Fi.
• Utilities.
• Electronics.

A few corporate rentals have incorporated access to additional amenities in the apartment complex such as a business center, an on-site fitness studio, a swimming pool, and a residential lounge.

Corporate rentals give you the liberty as a guest to adapt easily and live a mobile lifestyle.

What are the Reasons Why Corporate Rentals are Advisable?

  • Cost Effective

This is a reasonable option as compared to paying for accommodation in a hotel. Depending on the season, such as during holiday vacations hotel prices can be exorbitant at times. When you rent corporate housing you will be in a higher position to get more room and amenities for a considerable amount of less money as compared to booking a hotel room which you will be charged for extra services such as food, snacks, beverages, and extra beds among other things which end up being an unnecessary expense.

  • Pet Friendly 

If you are traveling with pets, it is advisable to choose an apartment that allows them. It makes it easier for a guest when they check into the furnished apartment complex to bring in their pet with them instead of leaving them behind. It is more favorable for a guest to relocate with their pet instead of leaving them in a pet boarding.

  • Fully Equipped Kitchenette

Great deals of corporate rentals offer well-equipped kitchens with the essentials a guest would need to prepare a homely meal. During the stay, a guest will have access to all the in-house amenities offered such as electrical and cooking appliances, dishes, cookware along with other items. Preparing one’s meals is cost-effective and it also gives you more control over what you choose to consume.

  • High-Speed Internet

For corporate rentals, having fast internet is essential for the guests to stay connected important to the people who work remotely or tourists who need to stay connected the entire time of their stay.

10 Benefits of Corporate Housing in Atlanta | Furnished Apartments Atlanta

  • Comfortable and Large Living Spaces

Corporate rental housing is usually more spacious than hotel accommodations. Apartment complexes provide a large amount of space, making it easier for a guest to unwind and relax after an eventful day or on a trip. Corporate rental hosts provide comfortable furniture such as sofas and beds to aid the guest in feeling at ease after a long tiresome day.

  • Tenancy Term Agreements are Flexible

In most cases, you are always free to rent corporate rentals at your convenience which allows you to stay in on a short or long-term basis depending on your schedule. In most circumstances, you are allowed to renew your term agreement if you wish to extend your stay. If you would wish to extend your stay, you do not have to look for a new corporate rental to reside in. You are free to extend in the rented apartment as you prefer.

  • Equipped Units

It is advisable to rent a furnished corporate home which is time-saving because you will not waste your precious time furnishing a house while on a business trip. A rented apartment complex is homely and makes you feel at ease once you are check-in.

  • In-house Laundry Facilities

The majority of corporate rentals offer in-house laundry services, hence you do not have to worry about laundry when you’re away from your home. You can also choose to do your laundry in privacy during your entire stay. It is tiresome to waste your time during your vacation doing laundry.

  • Individualized Customer Support

Corporate housing rental companies always give their guests individualized customer support for anything they might need assistance with during their entire trip. Corporate housing gives a homely feeling making sure that their guests do not feel out of place or lonely.

Renting a corporate house is an excellent idea on a short or long-term basis since they have gained popularity throughout the years.

How do You Find the Best Corporate Housing Rentals to Suit Your Needs?

Corporate rental housing has diversified not only for employees visiting for work but also for people relocating for personal reasons or business. There are different types of corporate rentals which make it critical to single out one that suits your needs and requirements.

Below are some recommendations for settling on a corporate rental that is appropriate for you.

1. Be Particular About What You Need

As an individual searching for a corporate house to rent out, it is essential to choose one that suits your needs since there are different types of homes. The most important factors to consider are the location of the rental housing. Is it close to your area of interest? What are the types of amenities offered in the unit? Does the unit fit your budget or is it above the budget?

2. Go Through the Reviews and Get in Touch with Customer Service

It is an excellent approach for a guest intending to book a corporate rental to go through the customer reviews to enlighten themselves about the products and services offered in the unit. If you have any queries you should comfortably contact the company’s customer service which is a direct representative of the company. It is wise to do thorough research on the company before acting based on the client’s comments and reviews.


In your quest to search for corporate rental housing, it is important to choose the one that suits your needs. It is important to enquire from your supplier about any queries you might have before signing the rental agreement.