The Dos And Don’ts Of Filling Your Storage

So, you are finally done with the hurdle of finding the right storage space for your needs? Well, unfortunately, that is actually just the beginning of more small problems which are associated with the dos and don’ts of managing your storage places. But before you panic, we have got you covered with all of the listed suggestions below and if you implement them well, we bet you will be able to manage your place from SpaceNextDoor or even found on your own locally really well.


Label Your Boxes

If you have opted for the storage finally then there are high chances that you won’t be needing those similar items for at least a couple of months. But as we cannot always depend on estimates in life, this is where labeling the boxes come of utmost importance as when you would want to open the storage room to check out that one selected item, you would remember where it is through the number already labeled by you.

Moreover, labeling the boxes also makes it easier for you to know which boxes require utmost diligence and care and why you would also have to be extra careful with them while unpacking as well.

Do The Packing Strategically

Although there are numerous articles on the internet regarding how to pack your goods strategically, but we are going to cover the basics here for you – especially if the storage space is going to be a container. You never know if you are going to get access to the space from time to time so it is better if you pack the goods inside it properly in the first place.

A good way would be to store items that you need the most in the front and the ones you don’t need any sooner, you can push them at the back. Besides that, you must also take advantage of the unit’s height and make sure you put your items vertically with heavier items being close to the ground. Last but not the least, also leave a way for you to enter later.


Don’t Rely On Storage Rooms For Valuable Goods

If you just can’t ever afford to lose that one item ever then don’t even think about making the mistake of putting it inside the storage room. Although these days companies like Space Next Door take the responsibility partly by offering you safe places but external storage always comes with a risk that you will have to take care of. So, don’t even think about putting art, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other valuable items in storage rooms.

Don’t Keep Perishable Things Inside It

Don’t even think about putting something inside the unit that has chances of getting spoilt as that will eventually lead to bad odors, rotting food and plants could attract bugs and rodents. We are sure you wouldn’t want to open the unit months or days later with a surprising bad smell!