How to get a Good Foundation Repair?

Foundations are what homes are built on and they’re built in ways to make sure that they can support the full weight of a house on top of it. However, this doesn’t mean that their construction is foolproof and there can be flaws in their design that can lead to issues down the road for you and your family. Unfortunately, foundations aren’t things that you’re able to see clearly; you’ll need to pay attention to your home and check for any warning signs that there could be damages or issues with your house’s foundation. Follow the below steps to check if you would need someone to check on your foundation.

One of the first things you should be checking to make sure that your foundation is sound is if you have any gaps between your floor and your wall. Sudden dips in your floors or large species between your walls and flooring can be an indication that there’s damage to your foundation. The foundation could be cracked or there could be a buildup of moisture, both of which can cause your floors to become uneven. Even if it turns out not to be an issue with your foundation, having this investigated is critical, since the gap can trap moisture and cause mold buildup if not treated.

If you have brickwork in or around your home, check to see if there are any cracks along the bricks that travel up the structure. This is a sure sign that there might be a problem with your foundation, as deterioration can cause your brickwork to shift and even crack. If you don’t have any brickwork in your home, check your walls for any bowing. With the amount of moisture that’s trapped outside the walls of your basement, the dirt surrounding your home can expand and press against the walls. This can have them bending inwards or outwards against the pressure.

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Another, more visible sign that there could be an issue with your foundation is how damp your basement is. We’ve already gone over what an excessive amount of moisture can do when pressing against the walls of your basement, but what if that water seeps in? Dampness in basements can be a huge warning sign for issues in the foundation, as the water could be seeping from cracks in the foundation into the basement floor. If there are no leaks that you can find in your basement’s walls or windows, check around the corners of your floor for visible cracks or mold buildup. Again, even if this has nothing to do with your foundation, it’s still highly recommended that you get an expert in to make sure that the mold is cleared out and any holes are repaired.

If you’re unsure if other damage within your home is a result of foundation issues, click here for a list and instructions to schedule an inspection of your home. The experts at JES Foundation Repair specialize in assessing and solving issues regarding your foundation. Even if it turns out that you don’t have any problems with your foundation, they can still check to make sure that your home is sound and identify any problems that could be causing your issues.