Can You Handle The Heat Of The Clash of Clans Super Dragon Spotlight Event?

Can You Handle The Heat Of The Clash of Clans Super Dragon Spotlight Event?

Go to if you want to benefit from U7Buy’s professional Clash of Clans services! The Clash of Clans Lunar New Year celebration just ended, but the festive days are nowhere near the end. Thanks to the Super Dragon Spotlight event, we can enjoy more special activities and rewards. This is the March event. All players are invited to take part in it. With one little condition, of course. You need to have at least Town Hall level 8. The Super Dragon COC Spotlight event features exclusive activities that yield special prizes. We have super medals and epic hero equipment to earn from this time-limited celebration.

What Is The Super Dragon Clash of Clans Spotlight Event

The Super Dragon Clash of Clans Spotlight event lasts for 10 days. The starting date is March 11th. After the event is over on March 21st, you still have two more days to access the event tab in the shop. Now, let’s see what the event is all about.

It’s common knowledge that Super Dragons are fiery creatures. They bring the heat. Your job is to keep things cool. How do you do that? With the help of ice cubes, of course. These tokens are collected throughout the event. They are acquired from a favorite Clash of Clans activity, raiding your fellow players. The number of ice cubes depends on how many stars you get. Make sure to have Super Dragons in your army. These creatures allow you to get bonus cubes. There is one more way to get ice cubes. They can also be found in the Super Ice Bath. This is the event building.

Clash of Clans Super Dragon Spotlight Rewards

The number of rewards you obtain from the COC Super Dragon Spotlight event is tied to how many ice cubes you obtain. Using these cubes, you will also get super medals. They are COC Super Dragon Spotlight currency. You will be using them at the Trader’s Shop. You can spend the medals on the exclusive seasonal decoration. You can also buy ores for hero equipment and magic items. The most coveted prize is the new epic hero equipment, Fireball.

When you equip the Grand Warden with the Fireball, you can expect to see some serious damage. The Fireball does damage to the closest defense and also to the area around it. The epic equipment costs 3100 super medals. You will pay the same price for various runes.

Clash of Clans Super Dragon Spotlight Event Pass

If you want to get even more prizes from the Clash of Clans Super Dragon Spotlight event, you need to get the event pass. This is a premium item. It has free and premium rewards. Owners of the pass will have access to the prizes as they collect ice cubes. After you complete the free event reward track you unlock an additional prizing system that allows you to get even more items. By the way, did you know that you can top up Clash of Clans gems on U7Buy?