A Useful Guideline To Describe The Personal Injury

If any part of the body is damaged by external force, it is called injury, also known as physical trauma. Usually the first question a person faces after being injured is “Are you injured” and “Describe your injury”.  Anyone can ask this question like the police officer at the scene, other divers, even ambulance drivers. Another thing you need to know is that when the nurse asks you such questions in emergency room, she will record the details of the injury. When you seek the advice of a lawyer to seek compensation, the first question for you be how badly were injured. When you notify your insurance company, they will ask about your insurance and the insurance adjusters of other drivers. Many times you have to resort to the court to claim your compensation. So by presenting your accurate information and facts neatly, you will be able to get your actual compensation. You need to remember that in order to describe an injury, you must first determine the painful or insensitive area or an area with an injury. This article gives you some essential tips on how to describe your personal injury in an informative way.

Injured Place Identify

Determine where you feel pain in the body, or where you have been injured. Example include “can’t move your hand in excruciating pain” or your head hurts terribly”. In this case you need to identify the place where you feel pain in your body and explain it to the helper.

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Describe Your Pain Feeling

You need to describe exactly what kind of pain you have, so that relief can be taken. For example, “you have severe pain in the lower back area about five inches” or “you have severe pain in the back of your head that makes it difficult to straighten your throat”. Another important thing to keep in mind is describe a real example of pain sensation, such as “feeling like an electric shock when you move your hand” or “burning pain in different parts of your body”

Describe The Exact Duration

Describe how long your pain lasts or how often your feel the pain. For example “you feel pain in your hand for 15 minutes” or “you feel pain in your head four to five times in 24 hours”. You should make a note of the time of description of the pain, which will be of benefit to your doctor and lawyer. Take time to observe if your pain is hurting you, because then you will not get your proper compensation. These injuries can hurt you for a long time, from one weak to one year.

Think About The Pain

Think about how the pain is feeling for your proper treatment, how long it will last, and what action you can take to increase the pain. For example, “you feel pain in your feet when you sand for while”, “you can’t lift any ordinary object with an injured hand” and “ sometimes you feel pain even after your head has healed”. You injury can cause a great deal of pain for long time to come, so describing these issue  play a very vital role in getting proper compensation.

Don’t Give Any Description By Guessing

If anyone asks you any question, do not answer until you are sure, because incorrect information can put you at any kind of risk. You can ask for time to think, or ask for a clearer way to understand the question. You may be denied fair compensation due to misinformation, even you may be the victim of incorrect treatment.

Adjourn To Your Doctors

You should never tell the questioner about the depth of the damage. When anyone asked about your damage, tell the questioner that they should get that directly from the doctors. Because you do not able your body proper damage description.