A Guide To Choosing The Ideal Condo Unit

Condo Unit

As COVID-19 continues to loom and affect many industries, there is one hidden perk for real estate investors and homebuyers: discounts and promos offered by various developers in their projects. You’ve probably considered investing in a condo unit as they are equipped with features suitable for working from home. Most condos are also located in prime business districts, wherein residents have easy access to their offices, shopping centers, schools, and transportation hubs.

Before you deposit your downpayment and sign the papers, read this short guide to choosing the ideal condo unit for you.

Ground, Middle, Or Top Floor?

Ground-floor units are closer to the parking lot, entrance and exits, and major roads. They may also be more spacious, making ground-floor suites ideal for families with more than two children. Their closeness to the lobby and entrances are also ideal for elderly tenants and those who are disabled. However, ground-floor units have a higher risk of getting infiltrated by pests and litter dropping from the higher floors. These units are also less peaceful as it is close to the passageways and roads.

Middle-floor units may be the least desired units in most condos; however, they offer more privacy than ground-floor units. They may not have the impressive view of the skyline or the amenity area, but they are only a few floors away from the swimming pool and outdoor area, making it easier for you to take a dip in the water and relax.

Top-floor units are perhaps the most favored units in most condo developments. Their location offers the stunning view of the city skyline and contrasting purples and oranges of the sunset. Deluxe units such as loft types and penthouses are also in the top floor; their hefty prices account for their luxurious design, furniture, and utmost privacy. Living on the top floor also means you will have access to the rooftop area. For example, Zinnia Towers in Quezon City has a sky lounge and a rooftop deck where residents can enjoy fresh air, well-landscaped foliage, peace and quiet, and extraordinary views of the city from above.

Inner Or End Unit?

End units can have more than one balcony area that are perfect for those who want a bigger home and a view of the outdoors. They are also close to the emergency exits, making it easier for you to get out of the building if a fire or accident ensues. Buyers who prefer to have peace, quiet, and a conducive place to work from home may opt for end units.

Inner units are sandwiched between other units, making them susceptible to noise and activity. But with soundproofing, this problem can be solved. Inner units, especially those in the middle, are also more spacious; they usually comprise two to three bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, and a balcony area. Inner units are ideal for couples and growing families.

More Or Less Light?

Some condo units are positioned where residents get more sunlight, while others may receive less or no sunlight at all. Suites that receive ample sunlight are great for potential residents who love growing indoor plants, artists or photographers who need natural lighting for their craft, or those who want to maximize natural light to save on their electricity bill. Likewise, these units also get the most light and heat during the day and get cooler as night approaches.

Units that don’t get that much sunlight are suitable for those who are sensitive to light. However, these units can get hot in the afternoon and night. You might want to invest in an efficient cooling system to keep your unit chill and well-ventilated, especially during the summer season.

Which Unit Type?

Condo Unit

Before you invest in a condo unit, you’ve probably considered whether you will get a studio or a typical unit. Studio units are smaller and more affordable than standard units. Despite their cozier layout, you can still maximize your studio unit’s space by using vertical storage and furniture with secret compartments to organize your home and keep it clutter-free. Studio units have no bedroom, but you can always have them converted to make them perfect for single professionals and students.

Typical units have at least one bedroom. They are perfect for growing families or individuals who need more elbow room for their home office or creative studio. They are also pricier compared to studio units and may require more effort to maintain and clean.

Whether you base your decision on your budget or on your future condo unit’s position, you should always prioritize which unit fits your needs, privacy, wellness, comfort, and convenience. After all, your home should be the safest and most comfortable place for you.