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Application of Portal Steel Frame

Application of Portal Steel Frame

Portal steel frame, as the name implies, is similar in shape to a door frame structure.The main load-bearing structure is the transverse rigid frame composed of columns and beams. The steel frame is a plane load-bearing system. To ensure longitudinal stability, column supports and roof supports are set. The portal steel frame structure is simple. The columns and beams are made of cross-section H-shaped steel. Various loads are transmitted to the foundation through beams and columns.

Portal frames are mainly suitable for single-story steel structure buildings. They have the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, reasonable force, convenient construction, and are easy to process and manufacture in a standardized manner in factories. The basic forms of portal frame are generally divided into typical portal style, crane portal style, and two-story style; the derived forms include single slope single span, continuous span single ridge, continuous span multiple ridges, single slope continuous span, etc. In industrial single-story steel structure and civil housing steel structure projects, single-span, double-span or multi-span single and double-slope portal rigid frames are generally used more. According to the needs of ventilation and lighting, this kind of rigid frame factory building can be equipped with ventilation day, lighting belt and skylight frame. The maximum span of a single-span rigid frame has reached 72m.

Composition Of Portal Frame Structure

Main load-bearing skeleton – portal frame; purlins, wall beams – cold-bent thin-walled steel; roof, wall – corrugated metal sheet, color steel sandwich panel; roof and wall insulation core material – polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, rock wool, etc.; support – roof support, column support.

Main Features And Advantages Of Portal Steel Frame Structure

The cross-sectional: size of the structural components is small, which can effectively utilize the building space and make the building beautiful.

The rigidity: of the portal rigid frame is good, the deadweight is light, the beams and columns can be assembled, and the processing and installation are convenient, simple and fast. The industrialization degree is high and the construction period is short. The column grid is flexible and the design is simple. It has high strength, strong seismic performance, good durability and reliability, and greatly improves the service life of the building structure.

The steel: consumption of the roof frame is only 1/5-1/10 of that of the ordinary steel frame. It is an economical and reliable structural form, which can effectively reduce the steel consumption and processing costs, and has high comprehensive benefits.

The Application Range Of Portal Steel Frame Steel Structure Buildings Is Wide, Mainly Including:

Industrial plants, warehouses, workshops: simple and stable structure, low cost, large span and large space buildings.

Agricultural and animal husbandry buildings: farms, greenhouses, vegetable trading markets, etc., which are easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Commercial and service industry buildings: shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, theaters, hotels, etc., with large spans and short construction periods.

Residential: Residential buildings in apartments, villas, and resorts have good thermal insulation and heat insulation properties.

The portal steel frame structure is a commonly used steel structure building form. Due to its unique advantages and characteristics, it is widely used in various fields, and as a representative of green and environmentally friendly buildings, it will become more popular in the future.

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